Our team is experienced with elite athletes & with the impact of trauma on performance.

We have offerings just for athletes.

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SOW is led by Krys Ardayfio, MBA, who uses her lived experiences, such as surviving a stranger abduction, to guide others through building a realistic framework & practical approach to successfully addressing stressors & trauma. Krys has 20+ yrs in workforce building strong organizations. Krys is pursuing a PhD & researches the impact of trauma on performance. She's trained in Critical Incident Stress Management, Mental Health First Aid, & Basic Life Support.

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HEAL is led by Lade Akande, MS, who holds a degree in school counseling, certifications in grief facilitation, trauma-informed facilitation, and is a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher. Lade is a former collegiate athlete who is passionate about sharing practices for self-regulation. She builds awareness and brings the mind, body and breath into union. She believes within each person is the capacity to heal oneself. Lade empowers others to listen to their inner teacher on their unique paths of health and wellness. 


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REAP is led by Kimberly Morris, PHD, HSPP, an author & licensed Clinical Psychologist with 20+ yrs experience. She specializes in the emotional impact of life events. She's versed in compassion fatigue, PTSD, trauma, mood's impact on performance and productivity, transition, stress/coping, & role strain. Dr. Morris is a twice-awarded professor who shares with you psychological and neurobiological knowledge you'll need to develop self-nurturing skills. She has experience sharing that knowledge and treating elite athletes.

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HEAL is led by Luke Renner, award winning filmmaker behind the DocuNarrative "What Lies Inside", which exposes the darkness that binds us to our suffering and what may set us free. The film features world-renowned experts Dr. Vincent Felitti, Eva Mozes Kor, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Dr. Peter A. Levine, & Dr. Kerry-Ann Williams. Luke uses storytelling to better the lives of others and shares those techniques as a path toward healing. Luke has 17 RIAA video awards, projects with 400+ weeks on Billboard Magazine's "Top Video Sales" charts.

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Prior to 2020 there was already a shortage of practitioners addressing trauma.

Seeing that gap, four individual trauma experts came together to form SARAH.

SARAH, or "Sow And Reap And Heal", is a name meaning joy and delight.

SARAH is also a 3 step process (sow, reap, heal) we guide you through to move beyond challenges to joy.


SARAH is in no way a replacement for medical, behavioral health, or mental health care.

SARAH is awareness, education, and tools to grow self-care and self-management on your wellness journey to rebounding and reintegration.